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Artist + Activist Community Fund Demographics

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The fund has supported 172 alums (from our National Facilitator Training, BIPOC Leadership Circle, BIPOC Surviving PWI, and Women of Color in Leadership programs) and 246 emergency funds, organizations and individuals recommended by artEquity alumni and staff, totaling over $890,000 in 2021.

Rounds 1 - 6 Demographics

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A note about the demographics:

We were deeply moved and excited by the work that is being done by all of the organizations that the artEquity alum recommended for funding. All of these organizations have been listed and we encourage you to take time getting to know each one of them specifically. In our attempt to capture a clear picture of who these organizations were serving and their actions within and for those communities, we did not find a synthesis or tabulation that could clearly capture the depth of the work that is being done.


That written, we will name that there were similarities between these efforts--many of them serve Youth, Women, Indigenous, Immigrants, Latinx, and Black and Brown communities. They are also emergency relief efforts, education, advocacy programs, arts-based learning programs, violence prevention, community centers, theatre companies, artistic collectives, and movement building organizations.


Our Round 6 of giving emphasized caring for ourselves and promoting wellness as we navigate the current moment. We defined wellness as whatever that meant to each individual: a day trip, support for mental health, somatic work, a special meal, art supplies, space to mourn, a workshop, a day off for reflection, whatever supported and affirmed life.

Community Served by Geographic Location

The image includes a list of US cities, states, regions, and indigenous territories accompanied with a pictoral map of those locations.
Organizations and Funds Supported in 2021

In addition to receiving support, Artist + Activist Community Fund grantees have nominated over 200 organizations, emergency funds, and individuals to support efforts at the intersection of art + social justice; general financial relief; and BIPOC-communities.

To learn more about these entities, please click on the respective name in the list provided. Please note that individuals funded are not listed.

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