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About Us

Statement of Purpose

Launched in 2015 as a national initiative, artEquity provides tools, resources, and training at the intersection of art and activism. With over 5,000 individuals trained, and a growing alumni community, artEquity is building a broad base of individuals and organizations who are strategically poised to create and sustain a culture of equity, inclusion, and justice through arts and culture.

Theory of Change

We believe that having shared language and a shared analysis (and by analysis we mean a way of understanding the power dynamics that affect our lives) is the gateway to collective action and collective impact. Our goal at artEquity is to build a base of individuals and organizations with a shared analysis so we can contribute effectively to organizational culture change, sector change, and social change.



  • We envision increased capacity for social change and community building in the arts sector.

  • We envision a network of individual artist-activists who share resources and work from a shared analysis and understanding of power, privilege, oppression, and justice.

  • We envision and believe that every individual can learn to access their full humanity in the service of justice.

  • We envision equitable representation and radical inclusion in the arts and culture sector as a result of this community’s shared commitment.

  • We envision a beloved community in the arts that is capable of changing the lives and careers of its members, and laying the groundwork for generations to come.

Meet the Team

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