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Women of Color in Leadership

About the Program

Women of Color often take the lead in supporting loved ones and broader communities and often care for themselves last. The Women of Color in Leadership space is a moment to pause and gather with one another for respite, renewal, and support.

Women of Color in Leadership is a space for and by Women of Color that brings together the spirit of shared values of justice and community.

In specially designed retreats, with women of color in mind, artEquity facilitators offered time and space for women leaders of color who work at the intersections of art and social change to step away from their work to engage in moments of respite and renewal. These gatherings offered opportunities for the important work of building, sustaining, and supporting our families and communities.

We still have much work to do, and we will do much more if we support one other in the future.

It is said that women hold up half the world. If this is true, then how much of the world do women of color hold up?

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