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Wed, Aug 10


Online Event

Summer of Justice Virtual Party!

Join us for our end-of-summer virtual party on Zoom!

Summer of Justice Virtual Party!
Summer of Justice Virtual Party!


Aug 10, 2022, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT

Online Event


Justice is calling! It is a call to those at the intersection of art and activism. And like so many summers before, we are ready to answer the call. artEquity is launching Summer of Justice: We Comin,’ an initiative to honor past movement-building, share current movement-building resources, and support artists and activists involved in leading change.

Historically, summer has been a time of revolution - a time to march and defend our rights. And this summer, like so many before, we plan to take to the streets again. It’s a time to share stories and call in the history of those who came before us and fought for justice. It is also a time to name those who are succeeding against all odds right now. The Summer of Justice: We Comin’ campaign is a reminder of who we are in the midst of tumult and pushback. It’s a reminder that we are strong, we are here, and we still comin’!

As women, nonbinary, and transgender people's right to choose hang in the balance - we comin'! As queer and transgender communities continue to be dehumanized through unfair legislation - we comin’! As hate crimes increase and as economic disparities grow more than ever - we comin’! And, we recognize the disproportionate impact of these issues on low-income and Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color. Throughout all these struggles, our lives continue to matter. We ready, and we comin’!

Throughout the summer, you'll find resources, opportunities to support justice, and stories of those who have spent countless summers marching for the rights of others. We invite you to share these resources and join us in action!


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