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Summer of Justice: We Comin'
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Thank you for answering the call for Justice! The Summer of Justice: We Comin,' an initiative launched this summer 2022, is a call to those at the intersection of art and activism. And like so many summers before, you answered the call.


artEquity's Summer of Justice: We Comin,’ initiative and resource campaign is our effort to honor past movement-building, share current movement-building resources, and continue the support for artists and activists involved in leading change. 

We encourage you to continue to take action and stay involved by sharing the resources below, sharing opportunities to support justice, and the stories of those who have spent countless summers marching for the rights of others. We invite you to read and watch these resources and join us in action! 

Historically, summer has been a time of revolution - a time to march and defend our rights. It’s a time to share stories and call in the history of those who came before us and fought for justice. It is also a time to name those who are succeeding against all odds right now. The Summer of Justice: We Comin’ campaign is a reminder of who we are in the midst of tumult and pushback. It’s a reminder that we are strong, we are here, and we still comin'!

As women, nonbinary, and transgender people's right to choose hang in the balance - we comin'! As queer and transgender communities continue to be dehumanized through unfair legislation - we comin’! As hate crimes increase and as economic disparities grow more than ever - we comin’! And, we recognize the disproportionate impact of these issues on low-income and Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color. Throughout all these struggles, our lives continue to matter. We ready, and we comin’!


  • Read and share resources on movement building!

  • Give and support artists + activists!

Summer of Justice Resources

Summer of Justice: We Comin’ honors movement-building with shared resources about past movements and supporting artists and activists involved in leading change today.  Please continue to view these resources here and use them to honor the movements of the past and make change in your community today. 


Indigenous Justice


Immigrant + Workers' Justice

Summer of Justice: We Comin'

​When you gift $250 or more below, we will send you a social justice postcard keepsake set created by Den Legaspi, Arc & Type Design of these four powerful postcard designs for you to share with your circle of friends!


The Summer of Justice: We Comin'


Special thanks to all the artists, activists, and movement builders across the country for joining artEquity on Instagram this summer and sharing how they affect change in their areas and name the movements that have inspired them. We are grateful for your work and wisdom. 


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ANA MARIA CAMPOY (She/ Her) is a Mexican-American theatre artist, educator, and advocate. As an arts educator and theatre artist she has worked with Seattle Repertory Theatre, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Village Theatre, ArtsImpact's Voices from the Fields, and Oregon Shakespeare Festival's FUERTE. She serves on the board for Sound Theatre and as Associate Artist for Seattle Shakespeare Company. Her next artistic project includes directing Caridad Svich's play adaptation In the Time of the Butterflies (based on the novel by Julia Alvarez) at Book-It Repertory Theatre this fall. She is a passionate and proud advocate of the performing arts, believing that giving communities a voice and individuals opportunities to self-express is an essential part of the human experience and thereby a right. At the center of her work lives the driving desire to create opportunities for artists of color, to remove economic and geographical barriers for audiences and students, and to expand and deepen our American identity. In addition to her work within the arts, she founded and now runs the volunteer collective, WashMasks Mutual Aid to provide PPE, support, and advocacy for migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families during this current pandemic (; @washmasks on Instagram .


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SUKHMANI (she/her) is the co-founder of Purple Mangoesa company of facilitators, artists and experience builders who create opportunities for re-connections, learning and dialogue  Sukhmani uses theatre, clowning, body wisdom practices and her skills as a process facilitator to assist others in releasing shame and practice self acceptance. Sukhmani has been a theatre and clown practitioner for 18 years. She is a clown performer and has directed several productions in clowning and theatre. She believes that body wise practices are powerful entry points for moving through conflict and connecting with your own sense of magic, moving from scarceness to abundance. She works with children, young adults, working professionals, communities and organisations. She runs Purple Mangoes, a company of facilitators who call themselves experience builders, gleaners and artists.

VIBHUTI  (she/her)  is a creative soul, who leads and works at Youth Alliance of India. She Freelances with many organisations in India as a facilitator including Purple Mangoes. She created the Earth Shastra program to awaken the head, heart and hand of young people to connect to nature and question the current development paradigm. In between working as a full-time member, she offers Clowning and Interplay experiences to embody playfulness and connect to the body. These days you would find her talking about her experiments and learning in reviving the community fabric as a tool to address modernism.


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PHIL PORTER (he/him) is the co-founder of InterPlay, ( an arts-based community building and personal development practice. He is a teacher, follower, performer, author, visual artist, and professional improviser. 

ADE ANIFOWOSE  (he/him) uses ancestral healing and the healing arts to assist people in bridging the gap between their shadow self and light self. He is an Intuitive Ancestral Healer. Mindset Coach. Sacred Drummer. Podcaster. Certified InterPlay Leader. & Writer. Ade believes that real transformation happens when we are willing to go within and do the necessary healing work.


LESLIE ISHII (She/ Her) Is the Artistic DIrector at Perseverance Theatre and a facilitator for artEquity's BIPOC Surviving in Predominnantly White Institutions series this summer. Leslie has directed at Pangea World Theatre, East West Players; Artists At Play; UC, Irvine; USC; CSLA; Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF): API 2x2 Lab New Works Residency, Founder/Co-Producer, Dramaturgy, FAIR Assistant Director Program Recipient and work on OSF’s E/D/I/A Initiative with artEquity; Native Voices Dramaturgy, and where she began, Northwest Asian American Theatre. (Actor) The Brothers Paranormal, Penumbra/Theatre Mu, Spring 2019; El Teatro Campesino; Southcoast Repertory Theatre, Perseverance Theatre; Broadway, and more. (National) Professional Non-Profit Theatre Coalition (PNTC): Coalition Subcommittee Chair, advocating for Federal Relief support; Consortium of Asian American Theatres & Artists: Board President; National New Play Network: Board Member; National BIPOC Theatre Networks Coalition/Commons for the sustainability of artists and theatres of color (Founder); artEquity, original core faculty working throughout the US with arts and culture organizations. New England Foundation for the Arts: Theatre Capacity Building Grant Recipient for the Sunrise Prayer Project. (Affiliations & Awards) Founder/Director, National Cultural Navigation Theatre Project, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation National Theatre Grant Recipient; James P. Shannon Leadership Institute; Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Integrity Award; Los Angeles County Teachers Making A Difference Award; NEA Grant Panelist; Stage Directors and Choreographers’ Union E/D/I Standout Moments, 2016, 2017. SDCF Zelda Fichandler Directors Award Finalist, 2021; Union membership: SDC, AEA, SAG-AFTRA


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CARLTON TURNER (he/him) is an artist, agriculturalist, arts advocate, policy shaper, lecturer, consultant, and facilitator. Carlton is the co-founder and co-director of the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (Sipp Culture). Sipp Culture  uses arts and agriculture to support rural community, cultural, and economic development in his hometown of Utica, Mississippi where he lives with his wife Brandi and three children.


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MICHAEL ISHII (he/him) is a yonsei (fourth generation Japanese American) native of Seattle, and has lived in NYC for three decades. He studied music at the Oberlin Conservatory and the Juilliard School, and East Asian medicine in the U.S. and China. He has divided his attention between the performing arts, community organizing, and East Asian medicine. Michael is a co-founder of Tsuru for Solidarity, a national movement of Japanese American activists working to end detention in the United States. He is a past president of the New York chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, co-chair of the New York Day of Remembrance Committee, co-chair of the New York Japanese American Oral History Project, and sits on the Board of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and  Reflection.


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NIJEUL X (he/him) is a producer and cultural organizer with the wholehearted belief that art is always at the tipping point for change. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Management from California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Howard University. Nijeul loves Black people, and is on a pursuit to fight for the collective liberation of our communities

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