August 2021 - February 2022 | via Zoom
Info session June 29, 2021

National Board Training

A six-month, ten-session training for board members committed to addressing issues of equity, inclusion, and justice in cultural institutions.

Date and Location

August 2021 - February 2022

Via Zoom Meetings

About the Program

Recognizing and responding to the ongoing and growing need for in-depth analysis-building through the lens of board governance, board members from cultural arts institutions across the country are being invited to take a deep dive into addressing issues of equity, inclusion, and justice to better serve the organizations to which they’ve been entrusted.


This national board cohort will participate in 10 virtual skills-based and analysis-building sessions over the course of 6 months. The skills-based sessions will explore foundational concepts related to equity and inclusion; benchmarks of inclusive organizations; and how to operationalize equity and inclusion values. Participants will join a national network of board enthusiasts working to effect organizational and field-wide change.



Registration is $812.00 US. The cost of registration goes toward facilitation fees, access services, and technical + administrative support.



Captions are available for all programming. ASL Interpretation is available upon request. Please request additional access support at the time of registration.


Refunds will be made in full up to two weeks before the first day of training (before August 9th). If you need to cancel, please email Alexis Green at Refunds will take up to 10 business days to process.


Join us on Tue, June 29, 2021 from 1:30p-3:30p PT for an info session on this year's National Board Training Cohort 3!


  1. Orientation | Introductions and Overview*
    Monday, August 23, 9a - 12:30p PT

  2. Personal and Organizational Goals
    Monday, September 13, 9a - 12:30p PT

  3. Barriers to Organizational Change
    Monday, October 4, 9a - 12:30p PT

  4. Identity and Social Location*
    Monday, October 25, 9a - 12:30p PT

  5. Approaches to Difference
    Monday, November 15, 9a - 12:30p PT

  6. Organizational Stages of Diversity and Inclusion
    Monday, December 6, 9a - 12:30p PT

  7. Terminology and Appropriate Use of Language
    Monday, January 18, 9a - 12:30p PT

  8. Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions
    Monday, January 31, 9a - 12:30p PT

  9. How to Operationalize Equity-based Values
    Monday, February 14, 9a - 12:30p PT

  10. Individual and Collective Action*
    Monday, February 28, 9a - 12:30p PT


* Required Sessions


30+ hours of training: Participants will receive 10 Intensive Skills-Building/Analysis-Building sessions covering:

  • establishing personal and organizational goals;

  • exploring barriers to organizational change;

  • foundational concepts related to diversity, equity and inclusion;

  • understanding the roots of or current organizational structure and culture;

  • benchmarks of inclusive organizations;

  • how to operationalize equity, diversity, and inclusion values; and

  • how to take collective action.

Learning Teams: Participants will form learning teams designed to foster creative opportunities, resource sharing, and collaboration that can be enhanced through deeper relationships and trust building. 

National Network: Participants will have an opportunity to join a growing national network of trustees committed to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Organizational Assessment: Participants will have the opportunity to conduct an equity and inclusion assessment to analyze their organizational culture, demographics, and equity and inclusion resources/needs.

Resource Materials: Participants will receive a resource packet containing tools and literature to support their training experience.

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