August 2020 - February 2021 | via Zoom

National Board Training

A six-month, ten-session training for board members committed to addressing issues of equity, inclusion, and justice in cultural institutions.

Date | Location

August 2020 - February 2021

Via Zoom Meetings

About the Program

Recognizing and responding to the ongoing and growing need for in-depth analysis-building through the lens of board governance, board members from cultural arts institutions across the country are being invited to take a deep dive into addressing issues of equity, inclusion, and justice to better serve the organizations to which they’ve been entrusted.


This national board cohort will participate in 10 virtual skills-based and analysis-building sessions over the course of 6 months. The skills-based sessions will explore foundational concepts related to equity and inclusion; benchmarks of inclusive organizations; and how to operationalize equity and inclusion values. Participants will join a national network of board enthusiasts working to effect organizational and field-wide change. 


Following the inaugural year of the program in June 2019, the 2020 training will be hosted virtually through 10 sessions between August 2020 and February 2021. 


30+ hours of training: Participants will receive 10 Intensive Skills-Building/Analysis-Building sessions covering:

  • establishing personal and organizational goals;

  • exploring barriers to organizational change;

  • foundational concepts related to diversity, equity and inclusion;

  • understanding the roots of or current organizational structure and culture;

  • benchmarks of inclusive organizations;

  • how to operationalize equity, diversity, and inclusion values; and

  • how to take collective action.

Learning Teams: Participants will form learning teams designed to foster creative opportunities, resource sharing, and collaboration that can be enhanced through deeper relationships and trust building. 

National Network: Participants will have an opportunity to join a growing national network of trustees committed to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Organizational Assessment: Participants will have the opportunity to conduct an equity and inclusion assessment to analyze their organizational culture, demographics, and equity and inclusion resources/needs.

Resource Materials: Participants will receive a resource packet containing tools and literature to support their training experience.


  1. Orientation | Introductions and Overview**
    Monday, August 10, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  2. Personal and Organizational Goals
    Monday, August 31, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  3. Barriers to Organizational Change
    Monday, September 21, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  4. Identity and Social Location*
    Tuesday, October 13, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  5. Approaches to Difference
    Monday, November 2, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  6. Organizational Stages of Diversity and Inclusion
    Monday, November 23, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  7. Terminology and Appropriate Use of Language
    Monday, December 14, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  8. Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions
    Monday, January 11, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  9. How to Operationalize Equity-based Values
    Monday, January 25, 9am - 12:30pm PT

  10. Individual and Collective Action**
    Monday, February 8, 9am - 12:30pm PT


** Required Sessions

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