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This series will reconvene in 2023

Check back soon for registration details and updates

BIPOC Surviving Predominantly White Institutions

A series created by Black, Indigenous, People of Color for Black, Indigenous, People of Color who survived and are surviving Predominantly White Institutions. 

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Stay tuned for Series 3 updates!

About the Program

Originally launched in the summer of 2020, the Black, Indigenous, People of Color Surviving Predominantly White Institution Series is a multi-part webinar designed to share strategies for interfacing with white leadership; what to do when sh*t goes down; how to navigate white women and their tears; how to cultivate BIPOC solidarity; and how to know when it’s time to go.


This space is for individuals who identify as People of Color, BIPOC, AAPI, MENASA, ALAANA, SWANA, Black/African American, Indigenous/Native, Latinx/Latine, or People of the Global Majority. If you identify as white, we invite you to explore other training opportunities on our website.  

Check back soon for updates on our Program Facilitators and Program Partners for our 2023 sessions. Our 2022 sessions included content from the artEquity staff, alumni, and program partners: Nissy Aya, Octavia Chavez-Richmond, Ty Defoe, Aaluk Edwardson, Patricia Garza, Elisa Harkins, Cloteal Horne, Leslie Ishii, Ginger Klee, Meena Malik, Carmen Morgan, Dat Ngo, Nijeul Porter, Mauricio Salgado, Shaina Simmons, Lauren Turner, Kayla Votapek, Jason Blackwell, Peter Kuo, Andi Meyer, Mica Cole and others.