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Artist + Activist

Community Fund

A community-giving fund that supports the artEquity community and the communities they are supporting and organizing.

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About the Fund

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, an angel donor came to us with a desire to host a fund that would support artists + activists in need. Astounded and activated by this generosity, we created a structure and process in which to disseminate the angel donor’s gift. And with that, the Artist + Activist Community Fund was established.


Since its creation, AACF has supported 172 artEquity alums, representing all five National Facilitator cohorts, and 246 emergency funds, organizations and individuals recommended by artEquity alumni and staff, totaling over $890,000. 

To view the impact of the fund, please click on the button below for demographics and a list of all supported organizations and emergency funds.

Can I give to the Fund?

Yes. You can donate here!

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