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National Facilitator Training

artEquity's core program, the National Facilitation Training is a two-weekend intensive retreat with a purpose: deep analysis and skills building paired with meaningful discourse on issues of inclusion, equity, and the role of art makers.

Currently on pause. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our other programs.

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​About the Program

Our program is powered by art practitioners interested in facilitating around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage a wide spectrum of arts leaders, arts practitioners, arts educators, arts advocates, board members, funders, supporters, and others. We hope to support and grow the artist-activist within you. 


The retreats are set in different regions across the U.S. with BIPOC-led organizational program partners and individual artists. Each retreat is at least a month apart to allow participants time to reflect on presented themes and to practice facilitation competencies.


Participants are expected to attend both retreat sessions in order to ensure the full experience of the training and building Community.


A key component to the training will be the opportunity for participants to be immersed in the regional cultural experience.


Cohort members will explore firsthand the challenges and successes of addressing issues of equity, diversity, and justice within an arts institution, and will have an opportunity to experience art and seminars that connect theory with practice.

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