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September 2023

ASL supported and live captions available upon request

Strategies for Change
Becoming an Antiracist Organization

A two-part training on how to launch, sustain, and engage antiracism in your institution.


2023 Dates | Location

September 22 +  September 29, 2023 | Registration now closed


Fridays, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. PT / 1 p.m.–5 p.m. ET

via Zoom meetings

Strategies for Change

There's so much to do. Where and how do we begin? We're clear about our values, but how do we operationalize them? How do we move beyond indecision, overwhelm, and being stuck? More importantly, how do we work around rigid detractors and hostility?


Join artEquity Founder + Executive Director, Carmen Morgan, and Deputy Director, Michael Robertson, in this two-part intensive. Enhanced and expanded from the successful 2021 webinar, this interactive virtual series will provide concrete practices, real-life organizational examples, and opportunities to practically apply antiracist concepts. 

In this two-part intensive, participants will:

  • Learn how to make the case for this important work; 

  • Explore potential accountability practices and tools that can support implementation of antiracist practices;

  • Discuss and learn from successful antiracist initiatives;

  • Become a part of an Organizational Action Team and test out new ideas with support;

  • Receive tools, templates, and resources including the Strategies for Change webinar to share with others in their organization.



Carmen and Michael have supported organizational culture change for theaters, museums, production teams, associations, unions, dance companies, foundations, and universities across the US and Canada. 



  • Foundational Understanding of Antiracism: This is not an introductory session. We expect that participants have a foundational understanding of antiracism.

    • We define antiracism as follows:
      Antiracism works with the complexities of difference and continually challenges race and racist discourses. 
      Given the relational aspects of difference, antiracism necessarily touches on the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, and other forms of difference. Antiracism posits that: 

      • Race, in that it is often plainly marked on the body, is one aspect of identity that assumes a stubborn saliency. 

      • The politics of antiracism requires the centrality of race in anti-oppression work that calls itself “antiracist.” (Source: Handbook of Black Studies, Sage Publications. Molefi Kete Asante, Maulana Karenga. 2005 Pg. 108.)  

If participants are new to antiracism work, please explore attending artEquity’s Everyday Justice or other introductory learning opportunities before attending Strategies for Change.

  • Experience in Organizational Change Work:  This training is for artists, activists, practitioners, and leaders who have experience and dedication to organizational change through an antiracist lens. We expect that participants have been actively engaged in shifting culture towards ending racism and oppression in their organization or their community.

  • Commitment to Engage in a Rigorous Process: This training will require a significant amount of engagement, time, and rigor. In addition to the eight hours (over two days) of the training, participants will be expected to complete pre-training assignments and reading that will require at least an additional 2 hours. We also expect that participants will be committed to continuing with this work beyond the training sessions. 

  • Additional Resources: The Strategies for Change pre-recorded webinar is an additional resource made available for all participants. A viewing link will be made available as a resource to the training.


The workshop will be conducted virtually with a combination of personal reflection, small group work, and large group conversations. 


We ask that participants attend all eight hours (four hours a day) of this training. This workshop is designed to build thematically: layering one concept before the next. Missing more than a few minutes of the session will make it challenging to the individual and their co-learners.


Computer-generated captions are available for all programming. ASL interpretation is available if requested two weeks out from the training. For other access support, please let us know at the time of registration.


For day of technical support, please email


Registration is $285 US. The cost of registration goes toward facilitation fees, access services, and technical + administrative support.


A registrant has the ability to exchange a registration once within the calendar year. The exchanged registration can be used for the original registrant or changed to a new individual. Requests for exchanges should come at least two business days before the start of the event.



Refunds will be made in full up to two weeks before the training if requested for the original purchase date.


Please contact us at to make arrangements for groups of 5+. We do not provide group rates. It is important that each participant registers individually so that we know how to best support their training experience. If your group has already made arrangements with us for a session and registration is closed, please contact Alexis Green at to fill out your individual registration.

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