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Check back in September for 2024 dates.

Everyday Justice

Antiracism as Daily Practice

A two-day training to deepen your analysis and clarify antiracist values in your daily life.

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2023 Dates | Location

We have completed our offerings for 2023.

Check back in September for 2024 dates.

About Everyday Justice

Every day we must work to align our antiracist values with our thoughts and actions. The only cure for racism is doing the work of everyday justice. It is no longer a question of if we should engage in this work. The question is how. 


This conversation will provide frameworks and a baseline analysis for antiracism strategies and action. As a member of an ever-changing community, what is your role? What is your responsibility for social change? Where do you have agency?


Please note: The content of Everyday Justice is focused on analysis building. It is a precursor to Strategies for Change which focuses on action, implementation, and operationalizing antiracism values. Many of the lessons in this training are covered in our Beyond Diversity, National Facilitator, and Everyday Justice organizational trainings. Everyday Justice is best suited for those who have not participated in those trainings or who would like to revisit foundational antiracist and social justice concepts. 


The workshop will be conducted virtually with a combination of personal reflection, small group work, racial affinity spaces, and large group conversations. Participants will receive a resource packet that will be useful in navigating anti-racism work both during and following the training. This workshop will have capacity for 100-120 participants.  



We ask that participants be fully present for all 8 hours (4 hours each day) of this training. This workshop is designed as one conversation that builds thematically, layering one concept after another. Missing key aspects of the session will make it challenging for the individual and their co-learners. 


Computer-generated captions are available for all programming. ASL Interpretation and/or Live Captioning is available if requested two weeks prior to the training. For other access support, please let us know at the time of registration.


For day of technical support, please email


Registration is $250.00 US. The cost of registration goes toward facilitation fees, access services, and technical + administrative support.


Participants may exchange once within the calendar year. The exchanged registration can be used for the original registrant or changed to a new individual. Requests for exchanges should come at least two business days before the start of the session. 



Refunds will be made in full up to two weeks before the training if requested for the original purchase date. We cannot issue refunds for registrations that have previously been exchanged to a new date.


Please contact us at to make arrangements for groups of 5 or more. 

  • While we do not provide group rates, it is important that each participant registers individually so that we know how to best support their training experience. 

  • We strongly believe that these training sessions should not be mandated. 

  • We are available to support you in creating the appropriate invitation for your group.

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