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Staying engaged with our Community can show up in various modes: in-person, through Zoom, a phone call, social media, email, and/or our newsletters. These radical love letters are part catching-up, part calls-to-action, part resource sharing, and totally for you.


February 8, 2023

Still We Rise


As we enter a new year- Still We Rise. We reinvest in our daily work as activists and artists, continuing our calls for justice. We will always find our own way forward. We invite you to engage with resources, upcoming programs, and offerings in artEquity’s February Offering. 

We Comin'.png

June 10, 2022

Summer of Justice:  We Comin' 
Justice is Calling!


Historically, summer has been a time of revolution and in this issue, we call on our community to join us in action for Summer of Justice: We Comin,' a campaign that reminds us of who we are in the midst of tumult and pushback. It’s a reminder that we are strong, we are here, and we still comin’!  You'll find updates on opportunities this summer and meet two new artEquity staff members!


December 16, 2021

 Creating Lasting Change


In this issue, we are bringing you inspiration from our team in the form of reflections, resources, and a playlist to carry you forward into 2022. Because what these past two years have taught us, is that lasting change is about listening, answering the call, and sharing our tools and support.


April 15, 2021

Leaders Saying NAH + Finding Peace

In this offering we focus on healing and wellness, hear from artEquity Deputy Director, Michael Robertson, about documenting a movement through our web-series, Talking Back; hear from trustees and leaders who are ushering antiracist values in their institutions; and provide wellness resources from sound bath to inclusive body movement.​


August 14, 2020

Collaborative Giving + BIPOC Surviving PWIs + Disability Justice

In this month’s offering, we invoke the power of nourishing self through Community: a powerful land acknowledgement from Lauren E. Turner; a process for vetting racism and other bigotries by Mica Cole; and therapist Ginger Klee shares how the trauma of existing in this world as a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color can impact our mental well-being. 


December 15, 2019

End of Year + Growth + Looking Forward

At the end of our 5th year, we are excited to grow our staff, expand our core facilitation team, launch two new initiatives, and increase the alumni community to well over 200! 

In this newsletter we are sharing 2019 highlights, shoutouts, and resources shared by this year's National Facilitator Training cohort and our team.


December 15, 2022

Joy + Justice: Let's Lead with Joy


At the close of another year, we find it vital to pause and reflect on the lessons we have learned. In our work as artists and activists we are called to it with a sense of purpose and protecting our energy and taking care of ourselves becomes essential….Find joy in the pursuit of justice, wellness, and self-care in this December offering!


April 6, 2022

Where Are We Now? Spring Forward To Renewal + Justice


In this issue, we examine recent events and anniversaries in U.S. history to identify where our purpose and where new voices continue to emerge in this current moment. Through poetry and testimonials, participants reflect on their experiences in two key programs at artEquity and we offer resources for the days ahead.

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September 25, 2021

 It’s Harvest Time. We gather and prepare for the work ahead.

In this offering we honor the contributions of those who came before us, amplify opportunities that will help us thrive, rediscover the fruits of seeds planted that support the work ahead, and share resources that will help sustain our practices.  Learn more about the Harvest.


December 13, 2020

Recipe for Social Change + Daily Antiracist Practices

Reflecting on this year we are reminded of the necessity of self realization to self actualization. This month the team shares some reflections, tips, and resources as we close out 2020 and prepare for the New Year. Thank you for being part of our circle. We are honored to create and heal alongside you.


June 16, 2020

Addressing anti-Blackness + Resources for Black People

As we work towards collective liberation, we recognize the need for non-Black people to name anti-Blackness, to act to disrupt it and to not do business as usual. We recognize the need for white people to move back in terms of hoarding resources and to move up and take action. And we recognize the need to support healing for Black people. We have designed this month’s content with that in mind.


September 22, 2022

Fall Forward: We will not go back.


In this issue, find examples of those who continue to instill hope in their communities, strategies for self-care, resources, and upcoming events and programs to aid you in strengthening your own practices and continuing forward into the fall.


February 8, 2022

Supporting BIPOC 3-6-5.


In this issue, we offer resources and opportunities to find support and foster growth throughout the year. We will be supporting BIPOC communities 365 a year. We support you in doing the same!

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 10.12.41

June 15, 2021

Intersectional Legacies + Practicing Accountability


This newsletter is an offering of opportunities (accountability practices, supporting pronouns, and summer + fall programming) to connect and commune with cojourners on our path to vitality and resources to learn more about June’s commemorations.

OCT 2020.jpeg

October 20, 2020

Get Yo Justice On! Our Fall Programing is Here.

This is a time for growing and harvesting our external and interior worlds. Let's look deeply inward, so we can continue to be present, active, and ready for the coming change! In this offering we share our gift of space for BIPOC Leaders, resources for BIPOC surviving in Predominantly White Institutions, and training to fortify our ongoing journey to Justice. Let us open the vibration of abundance, healing, and tenderness.

April 2020

April 16, 2020

A Tribute to Diane Rodriguez + Values-Based Leadership 

The toll on our well being is real--layoffs, emotional and mental exhaustion, grief, heightened xenophobia, increased deaths, immigration raids, anxiety of the unknown AND known--we are in a time where adversity is amplified. But here’s what else we have witnessed--the way in which we are witnessing folks hold and lift each other up in this moment is a testament to the abundance of adaptive community-building.

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